What age do I have to be to rent?

To rent and operate one of our scooters, you must be 18 years of age or older.

What type of license do I need to rent?

All that is needed to rent one of our scooters is a valid driver's license. No motorcycle endorsement is required, as the vehicles are only 49cc scooters. The State of South Dakota does not require a motorcycle endorsement to operate anything under 50cc.

Do I need prior riding experience to rent?

Prior riding experience is helpful to get you out on your rental as fast as possible, but it is not needed. Upon every rental, all renters must go through an evaluation and training. After the training, all renters are encouraged to take at least one lap in our parking lot to get comfortable operating before getting out into traffic. We like to say, "If you are able to ride a bicycle, you can be taught to ride a scooter."

Can two people ride on one scooter?

Two people are able to ride on one scooter with some sacrifices. The scooters do have a manufacturer recommended weight capacity at 275 lbs (Operator or operator+passenger). If the combined weight meets or exceeds this capacity, the scooter will travel at slower speeds on routes that have more hills. Doubling up is usually recommended to parents with children who wish to ride. Other than that, renting and operating a scooter on your own is recommended to have the most fun.

Is the rental rate per person or per scooter?

Our rental rates are per scooter. So if you are deciding to ride two people on one scooter, it will be the price for the rental rate you choose.

Do I need to bring my own helmet?

You can bring your own helmet, if you would like. Otherwise, helmets are included with our rentals and are strongly suggested to be worn at all times while riding. 

What are your hours?

We are open May 1st through October 1st and we open daily at 11 AM and are open until 7 PM. We do offer full day rentals (8 hours) in which we can send renters out at 9 AM or 10 AM. For this to be done, a booking must be created at least 24 hours prior to your rental departure, either by phone or in person at our shop.

Do we have to book our rental in advance?

No, you can simply walk in to our shop located in Keystone and rent from there or create a booking for later. Booking for a future time ensures that the desired number of scooters will be reserved and ready for you at that time. To book in advance you may either do so in-shop, over the phone, or online. When booking for a future time in-shop or over the phone, a 10% nonrefundable deposit is required to hold that booking. The remaining 90% of the charge can be paid when arriving for the rental. With booking in advance through the website, 100% of the charge will be required to be paid.

What if the weather is bad for my rental date?

If the weather forecast is bad for the date of your rental, you can reschedule your rental. Black Hills Scootours allows one reschedule per booking as long as the notice for reschedule is prior to the date and time of your rental. After the one allowed reschedule, each reschedule thereafter will be $10.

Regarding the weather conditions while out on your rental, Black Hills Scootours does not offer a refund due to the weather as it can be unpredictable in the Black Hills. 

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